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90 Day Wty: Thermolyne Locator Jr. LN2 Storage Dewar

This Thermolyne Locator Jr. LN2 Storage Dewar is in like new condition and has been completely refurbished by our technical staff.


  • Vessel volume 60L
  • Temperature uniformity assures that samples are stored at –180°C (–292°F)
  • Vial capacity 1600 (100/box)
  • comes with 4-wheel cart
  • Static hold time: 70 days
  • Overall Height: 26.5″
  • Overall Outer Diameter: 55.9″
The unit is fully tested by our Technical staff and comes with a 90-DAY WARRANTY.

We will be happy to provide you a quote, which will include shipping and handling. Code 13168.

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