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Benchtop Centrifuge

Eppendorf Model 5430 Benchtop Centrifuge


Our Eppendorf Model 5430 Benchtop Centrifuges are in like-new condition and have been completely refurbished by our technical staff.  Spins micro, PCR and cryogenic tubes like a microcentrifuge. Handles microplates and conical tubes like a larger centrifuge. Eight rotor options make this a versatile performer in the lab or cold room. Note: This unit includes […]

Eppendorf 5418 Microcentrifuge with Areosol tight 18-place Rotor

This Eppendorf 5418 Microcentrifuge with FA-45-18-11 rotor is in excellent condition and has been fully refurbished and tested by out scientific and technical staff and comes with a 90-day warranty. Features: Easy to Use Compact design with a small footprint 18-place, Aerosol-tight, fixed-angle, 36-ml (18 x 1.5/2.0 ml) FA-45-18-11 Rotor Maximum RCF: 16,813 x g Max. […]

90-Day Wty: Beckman J2-MI Refrigerated Floor Model Centrifuge


This Beckman J2-MI refrigerated centrifuge has been completely refurbished by our technical staff, is in great working condition and comes with a warranty.  The Beckman J2-MI Centrifuge is a refrigerated floor-model system designed for general laboratory use.  It has a high torque induction motor with a speed range of 100 to 21,000 rpm that responds to variable frequencies.   The […]

90-Day Wty: Sorvall Discovery 100 Floor-Model Ultracentrifuge


The Sorvall Discovery 100 Ultra-centrifuge is a floor-model unit that gives optimal performance for fractionation of extracts via density or equilibrium gradient-based sedimentation, ideal for the isolation of small particles including chromosomes, ribonucleoproteins (polysomes, ribosomes, ribosomal subunits, hnRNPs, viral particles, plasmids, protein complexes etc.  This unit has been refurbished and thoroughly tested by both our scientific […]

90-Day Wty: Fisher Scientific Accuspin Micro 17 Centrifuge


This Fisher Scientific Accuspin Micro 17 Centrifuge is in like new condition and has been completely refurbished by our technical staff.  Compact, economical high-speed micro-centrifuge, ideal for nucleic acid research and other microliter volume separations. Note: This unit includes a Fisher Microtube Rotor. Features: Microprocessor Controls Backlit LCD display Capacity: 48mL (24 x 1.5/2mL tubes) Max. speed/RCF: 13,300rpm/17,000xG […]

90-Day Wty: Thermo IEC Centra CL3R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge


The Thermo Scientific (IEC) Centra CL3R  Refrigerated Benchtop centrifuge represents a compact hi-capacity (large volume) centrifuge, ideal for the sedimentation of cells.  The model features touch-button programming and temperature control, and program storage.  This unit can use multiple rotors including:  Model 243 -4-place rotor for 4 x 250 ml bottles and adaptors for up to twenty 15 ml tubes (note: although five are imaged […]

90-Day Wty: Thermo GP8R Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge


Our general purpose GP8R refrigerated bench top centrifuges are always in like new condition and have been completely refurbished by our technical staff. These centrifuges can be used with a variety of tubes or cell culture plates.  They have maximum speeds of 5,100 RPM for fixed angle rotors and 4,600 RPM for swinging bucket rotors. Operating temperatures […]

Beckman Allegra X-22R Bench-top Refrigerated Centrifuge


Our bench-top centrifuges are always in excellent condition and are completely refurbished to look and work like new. The Allegra X-22R is compact unit, up to 10 inches thinner than comparable bench-top centrifuges, and is ideal for medium capacity, multi-purpose centrifuge requirements. The centrifuge is shown with a 4 x 250 ml swinging-bucket rotor, but can accommodate both swing […]

90-day Wty: Jouan CR412 Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge


This Jouan Model CR 412 Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge is in good condition and has been refurbished by our technical staff.  This unit includes a Jouan rotor with 4 swinging buckets (15 ml & 50 ml) and tube holders.   Rotors and buckets are available for an additional cost. Features Microprocessor controls Digital display Temperature […]

90-Day Wty: Sorvall Legend T Benchtop Centrifuge


This Sorvall Legend T Bench-top Centrifuge is in like-new condition and has been refurbished by our technical staff.  This versatile model has an easy to read display panel and intuitive controls. Features: The SMARTspinTM Imbalance Detection System provides optimum run stability for all rotors at all speeds and allows for eye balancing of sample tubes Uses […]

Benchmark Mini Centrifuges

The Benchmark series of mini centrifuges are ideal for quick spin down of micro sample sizes. With a clear lid and electronic safety cut-off, the user can safely observe samples at all times. The centrifuge quickly accelerates to maximum speed (6,600 rpm / 2,200 rcf) and stops within seconds. The sophisticated motor mounting system provides […]