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Luminex FLEXMAP 3D System and xPONENT v4.08


The Luminex FLEXMAP 3D System combined with xMAP-Profiling Technology allows the measurement of up to 500 analytes from a single sample for rapid high throughput multiplex analysis.  The system couples the use of fluorescent dye-colored microspheres and flow-cytometry fluidics with laser excitation, diode-detection and the advanced xPONENT Software, providing an extremely versatile and sensitive platform for multiplexing. […]

ELx808 IU (Incubator/Ultraviolet) Biotek Universal Microplate Reader

This ELx808IU Universal Microplate Reader is in great condition and comes with a warranty. Unit was fully tested by our Scientific Research Staff using a BioTek Universal Absorbance Test Plate and KCjr 4.0 Software, as well as for the detection of fluorescein standards. Features: Reads 96 well plates Eight optics channels 5 Filters (340nm, 405nm, 450nm, […]