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Fendall Flashflood Model 400

The Flash Flood Unit Is Intended For Immediate, Hands Free Eye Flushing, And Should Be Located Near Work-Place Hazards.
Removable The Pull Strap To Start The Flow Of Eyesaline Flushing Solution
Dual Nozzles Flush Both Eyes Simultaneously.

The Flash Flood Delivers Eyesaline Solution From A One Gallon Cartridge. When The Cartridge Is Inserted In The Base Unit, The Cartridge Seal Is Broken And The Flash Flood Is Ready To Deliver Eyewash Solution For Three Minutes At A Rate Of .33 Gallons Per Minute.

Cartridge Replacement Is Quick And Easy. Wall Mountable. Replace Cartridge After Unit Is Actuated Or Once Every Six Months.

We will be happy to provide you a quote, which will include shipping and handling. Code EPF1060.

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