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GE Wave Biotech Wave Bioreactor 20/50 BASE2050EH Rocker/Dual-Warmer/Mixer


GE Healthcare (WaveBiotech, Sartorius) Wave Bioreactor System Component:

Wave Bioreactor Rocker Mixer/Dual-warmer 20/50 EH Model BASE20/50EH

The 20/50 EH Rocker/Dual Warmer/Mixer consists of a rocking platform capable of controlling agitation/rocking rate, and angle as well as temperature.  The Unit comes with a “filter heater” which counters the loss of heat from pre-warmed culture media during introduction into the culture bag.  The heating-pad assembly and built-in controls allow temperature control of the complete or “left half”-only of the platform, preventing overheating and damage to the assembly and allowing cultures in bags filling only half the apparatus to be efficiently grown.  The unit also features a “built-in” barcode reader allowing identification of bags.  Dataports and analog I/O ports rear of the instrument allow connection to computer/chart recorders, controllers etc.

System was acquired from a large, local, international, biopharmaceutical company that no longer required the unit due to reorganization (i.e. not due to dysfunction).  The unit is in very good condition with some scuffs and scratches from handling which do not affect function.   The unit has been cleaned and comes fully tested by our Scientific Research Staff and with a 90-Day Warranty.

List Price: $8,000 + S&H (90-Day Warranty).  (Wave bag shown – not included)

Sale Price: $5,000 + S&H (90-day Warranty)

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