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Keyence VHX-1000E Digital Microscope

The Keyence VHX-1000E Digital Microscope is ideal for capturing real-time high resolution observations of a specimen at a variety of angles.  Its large depth of field allows for vivid and sharp observations which are captured by its 54 million pixel camera to provide super high resolution observations and images. The instrument uses a rotating stage and the free-angle observation stand to allow multiple views of the specimen.  In “real-time,” the unit can recognize the lens and magnification being used and auto-calibrates when the magnification changes. In addition, it can take “real-time” measurements of the specimen, (ie: distance, radius, angle and area) as well as perform real-time stitching of 2D and 3D images.


  • VHX-1000E: Control Unit (Computer) VHX-1000E with console and mouse
  • VHX-S50: Free-angle observation stand with auto Z-axis
  • VH-Z20R/VHZ20W Ultra-small compact high performance zoom lens (20x to 200x)
  • VH-K20: Variable Illumination Attachment for the VH-Z20 zoom lens
  • VHX-1020: Camera Unit
  • Keyence Communication Software Ver. 1.06 with installation CD
  • VHX-H3M: 3D Shape Measurement Software Ver. 1.0 with installation CD
  • Manual Binder with User Manuals

Included Additional Accessories/Attachments:

  • Lens case for optional lens
  • VH-Z100R/VHZ100W: Wide-range zoom lens (100x to 1000x)
  • OP-84430: Multi-Illumination Lighting System
  • OP-35415: Polarization Illumination Adapter for VH-Z20R or Z25 lens
  • OP-72404: Variable Illumination Attachment (attaches to VH-Z100 Ring Illumination base unit (OP-72400 or OP-72401))
  • OP-72405: VH-Z100 Polarization Illumination Attachment for Ring Illumination
  • OP-72406: VH-Z100 Polarization Illumination Attachment
  • OP-72407: VH-Z100 Polarization Illumination Attachment for Camera Adapter
  • Spare caps to cover lenses

Price: $44,995.00

This unit includes a 90 day warranty.

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