Nikon TMS/TMS-F Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope with Extended Stage

 Nikon TMS/TMS-F Inverted Phase Contrast Microscopes are ideal for cell and tissue culture laboratory.  Units can be fitted with an “extended stage” accessories to allow the examination of wide flasks and culture dishes.  All our units come completely tested by our Scientific Research staff and come with a warranty.


  • TMS Phase-Contrast Optical System
  • 10X Eyepieces
  • Stereo-Binocular with Diopter and pupillary distance adjustment
  • Optional Stage-Extensions giving extra wide surface for flasks/plates (two maximum)
  • Bionocular or Trinocular configuration for Camera Expansion (depending on model)
  • Built-in lamp system and power supply
  • Compatible with Nikon E-Plan Objectives (40-200 x Magnification): 4x/0.10 160/-, 10x Ph1 DL/0.25 160/- , 20x Ph2 DL/0.4 160/1.2
  • Manual (pdf)

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This unit includes a 90 day warranty. Code CFA.

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