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Shimadzu Dual LC-10ADvp Series Pump HPLC System with SPD-10AVp Detector


Shimadzu Dual LC-10ADvp Pump VP series HPLC System with SPD-10Avp Detector and buffer tray.   Includes: System Controller: SCL-10Avp Dual HPLC pumps: 2 x LC-10ADvp Variable Wavelenght Absorbance Detector: SPD-10Avp Vacuum Degasser: DGU-14A Reservior Tray Fiber Optic communication cables 115 Vac Power Cables   Price: Please Enquire! Code 13234 We will be happy to provide […]

Dionex ESA HPLC System – Coulochem III ECD Electro-Chemical Detector with EZChrom Elite Software

The Thermo (Dionex/ESA) Coulochem III Electro-Chemical Detection System (ECD) is ideal for the electro-chemical analyses of neurochemicals and metabolites such as dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, plasma catecholamines, etc.  The highly reliable, precision-made, system uses PEEK tubing avoiding sample contamination with metals, a dual-piston micro-pump and pulse dampening to allow unmatched sensitivity.  The system has been […]