Equipment Acquisition and Remarketing

BridgePath Scientific offers Equipment Acquisition and Remarketing


Keyence VHX-2000E Digital Microscope System (Dual Stand)


 The Keyence VHX-2000E Digital Microscope System is ideal for capturing real-time high resolution observations of a specimen at a variety of angles.  Its large depth of field allows for vivid and sharp observations which are captured by its 2.11 million pixel CCD camera to provide super high resolution observations and images of up to 400 […]

90-Day Wty: VWR VistaVision Compound Microscope


This VWR Vista Vision Microscope is in excellent condition, fully tested and comes with warranty.  The system provides views similar to higher priced microscopes from more well known manufacturers such as Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss etc. Microscope Features: Adjustable Binocular with 10x Wide-Field Eyepieces (WF10x; one with adjustable focus) Planar Objectives: 4x/0.1 (160/-); PL; 10x/0.25 PL (160/-); 40x/0.65 (160/0.17) PL; […]

Life Technologies EVOS FLoid Fluorescence Cell Imaging Station


The EVOS FLoid Cell Imaging Station is a benchtop fluorescence microscopy system designed with simplicity, speed, convenience and robustness in mind. The system has been fully tested by our staff and comes with a 90-day warranty. Features: Simple design Intuitive software  interface Robust design Power-On ready State: no warm-up required Software: on-board user upgradable, multi-lingual […]

Zeiss LSM 510 Axio Observer Z1 Confocal Inverted Microscope System

This Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Microscope System comes on consignment from a biotechnology company within our local area that recently closed its doors.  Fujitsu Computer supplied purchased with the microscope and containing interface cards is included with USB License Dongle for LSM 510 Software (Hard drive was removed by original owners.  Computer includes a hard […]

Leica DMLB Compound Transmission/Fluorescence Microscope and LEP Arc-Lamp Power Supply

The Leica DMLB Compound Transmission and Fluorescence microscope features Leica’s research grade infinity optics for all applications.  The system on offer comes with five objectives, four specifically designed for high resolution/quality fluorescence studies with magnifications upto 2,000x (10x Eyepeices x 100x objective).  This system includes the LEP Inc. Universal Arc-Lamp Power supply offering flexibility and versatility.  The trinocular […]

Olympus PROVIS AX70 Motorized BF, Phase, Fluorescence, Polar and Nomarksi/DIC Microscope


The Olympus AX70 Provis is a “state of the art” research and medical stereo-microscope built with flexibility, completeness in mind.  Built with Olympus’ Super-wide observation tubes, and UIS infinity optical system the system gives the highest quality images. Microscope Features: Olympus AX70 base: proprietary UIS optical system Super Wide Bionocular Stereo Viewing System with WH10X/22 Wide Field Eyepieces […]

90-Day Wty: Nikon Labophot BF, Phase, DF and Fluorescence Microscope System


This fully tested and warranted Nikon Labophot BF, DF, Phase, and Fluorescence microscope (all original Nikon parts) is designed for both phase contrast and fluorescence studies.  The microscope is ideal for examination of samples mounted on slides etc. (unstained and immuno- and/or histological dye-stained examinations, Fluorescent protein expression studies etc.,). Microscope Features: Trinocular Viewing System: Adjustable Binocular with […]

90-Day Wty: Arcturus PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope


Laser capture microdissection (LCM) is a technique that provides a simple method to obtain targeted cells from a multi-cell population.   The Arcturus (PXL-200) PixCell II LCM, built around an Olympus IX50 inverted microscope, uses a near-infrared diode laser and a CapSure® Macro/HS LCM Cap to capture target cells.  When the laser is fired, dimples are created in the cap.  […]

20% OFF 90-Day Wty: Nikon Diaphot 300 Inverted Phase and Fluorescence Microscope

This fully tested and warranted Nikon Diaphot 300 inverted microscope is designed for both phase contrast and fluorescence studies.  The microscope is ideal for visualization and micro-manipulation of cells and organisms in tissue culture flask, petri dishes, or other containers.  It comes with epi-fluorescence filters allowing for the detection of common chromofluors including DAPI, FITC, […]

Leica Motorized MZFLIII Fluorescence Stereo Microscope with SPOT CCD Camera

This Leica Fluorescence Stereomicroscope System is in like new condition, has been completely refurbished by our Scientific Research staff and comes with a warranty. Features: Leica MZ FLIII (12.5:1 Zoom) Stereo Microscope with mount Plan Apo 0.63x Objective Leica 10x Wide Field Eyepeices - independently adjustable Motorized-stand with remote control height adjustment via foot switch Handwheel Motor-Focus […]