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Leica DSC1 Rotary Disc Microtome with Control Keypad and Footpedal


The Leica DSC1 is a disc microtome requiring minimum setup.  Two rotary wheels are used to position and adjust the specimen above the knife.  A control panel with  keypad interface and a footpedal allow for easy  communication with the instrument.  The instrument includes a “catch” tray to collect paraffin fragments etc.  This unit has been tested […]

Microm HM 355S S2 Series II Microtome


The Microm HM 355S  (S2, SII, Series II) is a fully automatic microtome used for sectioning of paraffin-embedded samples. The unit is fully tested and comes with a warranty. Features: Manual or Automatic modes Touch pad programming LCD Display Movable Operating Panel Vertical Stroke: 64 mm Trim: 0.5-500 mm Thickness 0.5-100 micron Dust Cover Power cord […]