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90-Day Wty: Thermo Scientific Savant DNA 120 SpeedVac Concentrator


This Thermo Scientific Savant DNA 120 SpeedVac Concentrator looks and works great and comes with a 90 day warranty. The DNA-series concentrators deliver cost-effective, fast drying and concentrating of small sample volumes in an easy-to-use, compact and robust integrated package. This model delivers rapid and efficient concentration and drying of DNA/RNA samples in ethanol and water. […]

Fendall Flashflood Model 400

The Flash Flood Unit Is Intended For Immediate, Hands Free Eye Flushing, And Should Be Located Near Work-Place Hazards. Removable The Pull Strap To Start The Flow Of Eyesaline Flushing Solution Dual Nozzles Flush Both Eyes Simultaneously. The Flash Flood Delivers Eyesaline Solution From A One Gallon Cartridge. When The Cartridge Is Inserted In The […]