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PCR/Thermal Cyclers

Agilent (Stratagene) MX3005P Multiplex QPCR Real-time Thermal Cycler


The MX3005P is a flexible and reliable multiplex Real-time QPCR Thermal Cycler ideal for a wide variety of tasks including gene expression, genotyping, DNA detection, methylation analyses, etc.  The system uses a single light source and detector and a Peltier-based thermal system.  This unit comes with the current version of MxPro MX3005P software (4.10).  The […]

Eppendorf 5345/5340 Mastercycler epgradient S & Controller PCR

The Eppendorf  5345/5340 Mastercycler system is designed for stand-alone use with an easy to use touchpad interface.  The unit features a modern graphical LCD.  This unit  is in excellent working condition and comes with a 90-day warranty. Features: 96-well 0.2 ml thermal-block with heated-lid Blue-White Graphical LCD Easy Programming Interface via Touchpad Small, compact Footprint 115 Vac Includes: […]

SOLD: ABI (Thermo) 7500 Real-time PCR (TaqMan) RT-PCR System


Ever since the introduction real-time PCR (RT-PCR) technology, ABI has been the standard for all others to meet.  The ABI 7500 system provides high-speed, 5-dye multicolor technology in a 96-well format with a Peltier-based thermal cycling system.  This system has a ‘new’ bulb (only 12 hours used).  The system comes with a 90-day warranty. Features: Proven […]

ABI / Perkin Elmer 9700 96-Well Thermal Cycler / PCR Machine

The GeneAmp 9700 system was designed by Perkin Elmer as an upgrade to their workhorse 9600 machines, to allow for versatility, reliability and compactness.   The unit features a modern bright LCD.  Aside from the normal ability to easily design, store and run protocols, the system comes with pre-defined methods for regular tasks.  The system can be configured for […]

CBS Scientific H-036 PCR Workstation


Unit comes fully tested and with a warranty. This CBS Scientific H-036 PCR Workstation is in ‘like new’ condition and has been completely refurbished by our technical staff. Features: Acrylic Window for Clear Veiwing Fluorescent and UV Lighting 24 hr Timer to Set for Lighting Acid Resistant Black Formica Work Surface Internal Electrical Outlet External Dimensions: 36″w […]