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Gilson FC204 Fraction Collector

SAM_0291The Gilson FC204 Fraction collector is ideal for, and compatible with, most HPLC systems. This compact stand-alone instrument contains a built-in keypad and display which makes this instrument easy to use. The fraction collector is capable of handling a wide variety of collection vessels and collects in three modes (Time, Drop and Peak). Up to ten programmable time windows allow for complex collection of only what is important. A 3-way diverter valve to helps to prevent contamination. It is fully functional and was tested by our scientific staff.


  • 4 – #29 racks
  • Multicolumn adapter for collecting up to 9 separate channels (Unit can handle 18 separate channels)
  • Powercord
  • User manual (PDF)

Clearance Price: $1,235.00

This unit includes a 30 day warranty. Code 10851.
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