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SOLD: Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340PC Microplate Reader

IMG_20180227_113453The Molecular Devices SpectraMax 340PC is an absorbance spectrophotometer for 96-well microplates and uses a filterless monochromator system allowing the selection of any wavelength within it’s range of 340-850 nm.  Consequently, the unit is ideal for visible dye assays including ELISA, BCA and Bradford Protein assays, Endotoxin assays etc.  The spectrophotometer can be used to measure standard End-point and kinetic assays as well as read complete sample spectra.  This model of SpectraMax can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ unit with data output to a printer or controlled remotely via a computer running SoftMax PRO Software.  This unit has been fully tested by our scientific and engineering staff.  Apart from some loss paint (on plate carrier) and minor scratches that do not affect function, the unit is in excellent condition and performs within specification when tested using a plate of absorbance standards.

  • Usage modes: Stand-alone (requires printer) or remote control (requires computer running SoftMax PRO)
  • Wavelength range: 340 nm – 850 nm
  • Wavelength selection: Monochromator tunable in 1-nm increments
  • Modes: End Point, Kinetic and Spectrum
  • Multiple Wavelength capability: up to 2 (stand-alone), up to 6 (with PC running SoftMax PRO)
  • Range: 0-4 O.D.
  • Automatic plate mixing
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Temperature Regulation (4C above ambient to 45C; acc. +/- 1C, res. +/- 0.1C)


  • Manual (pdf format)
  • 115 Vac Power cord

Note: Computer/laptop  SoftMax PRO software, and Universal Calibration Plate are shown for imaging and testing purposes only and are not included

This unit has been tested by our scientific staff and is fully functional.


Price: $3,500
We will be happy to provide you a quote, which will include shipping and handling. Code 13371.

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