Benchmark Mini Centrifuges

The Benchmark series of mini centrifuges are ideal for quick spin down of micro sample sizes. With a clear lid and electronic safety cut-off, the user can safely observe samples at all times.

The centrifuge quickly accelerates to maximum speed (6,600 rpm / 2,200 rcf) and stops within seconds. The sophisticated motor mounting system provides quiet, vibration-free operation.

All centrifuges include a round rotor with capacity for six standard microtubes (1.5ml to 2.0ml) as well as a strip tube rotor for 2 x 8 PCR strips or sixteen individual 0.2ml tubes. Additional adapters are also included for 0.4-0.5ml tubes. The rotors can be easily interchanged by the user within a matter of seconds.

Item Number: BSC1006-R Mini Centrifuge, Red

Item Number: BSC1006-B Mini Centrifuge, Blue

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