Take advantage of BPS’s years of expertise and experience producing, purifying, and characterizing recombinant proteins. We have worked with broad range of customers around the globe including academic and government research institutions, biotechnology firms, large and small pharmaceutical companies, and small startup companies to produce and purify everything from antibodies to active enzymes.

From only amino acid or nucleic acid (cDNA) sequences, BPS scientists can generate expression vectors for use in any one of our expression systems. BPS has the capacity to manufacture up to gram quantities of recombinant proteins using:

* Bacterial systems
* Insect cell culture systems
* Mammalian cell culture systems

Bacterial Expression Systems
Insect Cell Expression Systems
Mammalian Cell Expression Systems

Capacity up to 200 liters
Capacity up to 30 liters
Capacity up to 30 liters
Solubilized protein
Stable cell lines
Stable cell lines
Transiently expressing cell lines
Transiently expressing cell lines
Suspension cultures
Suspension or adherent cells

Protein Purification

No matter the expression system, we can purify the protein produced using a wide variety of commercially available and proprietary purification matrices and chromotagraphy formats. These include:

  • Ion Exchange
  • Affinity Columns
  • Size Exclusion
Purification Using:
  • 6xHIS
  • S-Tag
  • FLAG

Protein Characterization

  • SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis
  • Coomassie staining
  • Protein concentration determination
  • Western blot analysis
  • Absorption spectrum