Moving your lab is a daunting task. You may only move once or twice in your organization’s history. BridgePath Scientific helps companies relocate to new facilities regularly. Most laboratory equipment shares some unique properties: it’s expensive, it’s delicate, and it’s heavy. This is not a job for a general office moving company. Many pieces of equipment require special moving preparation procedures, specialized tools, dismantling equipment, custom shipping/transportation containers, and a higher level of care.

Being scientists ourselves, we know the value of your research may be located in the freezers or other storage media. BridgePath will work with you to plan your relocation event, including modifying your new location and the renting of equipment (refrigerators, freezers, LN2 storage, incubators, etc.) at your new facility to enable you to safely and quickly relocate your samples and stored research specimens.

Whether you’re moving into a new, larger facility, modifying protocols, downsizing, or just moving across town, BridgePath Scientific is standing by to work with you throughout the process.

Please contact us today so we can help you relocate tomorrow..