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SOLD: Kodak Gel Logic 2200 UV/Visible Imaging and Documentation System

The Kodak Gel Logic 2200 UV/Visible Imaging and Documentation (GelDoc) System represents the ultimate in laboratory data imaging systems. The system is capable of capturing images of from gels, blots, microtiter plates, colony plates, plaque screening and thin-layer chromatography plates.  Using the using Kodak Molecular Imaging Software and the Cooled GL 2200 CCD camera, the system is capable of capturing (chemi-/bio-) luminescence, fluorescence, and absorbance/transmittance images with high-resolution.  The system provides UV and visible image capture using Epi-ultraviolet, white-light and UV-transmission modes.  The software allows automatic or manual detection of gel lanes, and examination and analysis of chromatographic profiles, band identification, integration, area etc. relative to user-defined standards.  Using Grid functions, the user can analyze data from microtiter plates, filtration apparatus etc.  High-resolution capture and ‘ease of use’ makes this system ideal for any scientific laboratory.

System Includes:

  • Cooled GL 2200 CCD Camera Assembly (1708 x 1280 pixel, High-speed Firewire)
  • GL Integrated Illumination Cabinet
  • GL 2200 Camera Controller
  • DELL Computer (Windows XP) installed with Kodak Molecular Imaging Software Version 4.5 (Kodak MI, Standard Edition)
  • Kodak Gel Logic 2200 Imaging System User Guide (Spiral Bound)
  • Kodak Molecular Imaging Software User Guide (Spiral Bound)
  • Kodak Molecular Imaging Software Version 4.5 Software CD
  • Kodak Gel Logic 2200 Camera Files Software CD (Camera Drivers, etc.)
  • Set of 2 Filters (590 nm: 590DF100-55CR 45181 & 535 nm: 535DF100 50305)
  • USB License Key Fob for Kodak Software
  • Interface cables and power cords, Monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Price: Enquire

This system has been completely refurbished and tested by our Scientific Research Staff, and comes with a 90-day Warranty.

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