New: Thermo Varioskan Lux VL0000D0 Multimode Plate Reader with SkanIT Software

The Thermo Varioskan Lux is a versatile multimode microplate reader system.  The system allows for multiple different types of assays to be performed using the same instrument.   Depending on the model of Varioskan Lux system, the user can perform assays requirement measurement of Absorbance (UV-Vis), Fluorescence (inc. FRET; Top/Bottom), Luminescence (direct and filtered), and Time-Resolved (inc. TR-FRET/hTRF) Fluorescence, and AlphaScreen Assays.  Dispensers (if included) allow for  enzymatic assays such as the Luciferase assay.

The Varioskan Lux system features Automatic Dynamic Range Selection allowing for automated optimal gain settings depending on the signal from each well – a process that prevents oversaturation and high sensitivity and a dynamic range of over 6 decades.

The Varioskan LUX VL0000D0 is configured to perform Absorbance (UV-Vis) and Fluorescence-based assays (Top only).  The unit is in ‘new’ ‘open box’ condition (only used to perform testing).  The unit comes with original accessories, performance data certificates, Skan-it software on USB-Flash Drive.  Item has some damage to case and to performance data sheets, neither of which affect performance.  The unit may not be shipped in original box/crate.  Sale comes with a 90-day warranty.

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Condition New: Open Box (used only to test functionality); Slight damage to case that does not affect function.
Measurement Technologies Absorbance, Fluorescence (Top)
Measurement Modes Endpoint, Kinetic, Spectra, Multipoint
Wavelength Selection Double Monochromator based
Light Source Xenon Flash Lamp
Wavelength Range Absorbance: 200-1000nm; Fluorescence: Ex. 200-1000nm; Em. 270-840nm
Accuracy 0.003 Abs or +/- 2% at 200nm-399nm; 0.003 or +/-1% at 400-1000nm
Absorbance Range 0-6 O.D.
Fluorescence Gain Automated (or manually adjustable); >6 decades
Media 6 to 1536-well Microplates (Abs: 6 to 384-well)
Incubator Temperature up to 45 C
Shaking Orbital
Software SkanIT (provided on original USB Flash)
Accessories Included
Certificates of Compliance Included
Performance Data Included
Power 100/240 VAC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 20″ x 21″ x 23″
Weight 119 lbs (54 kg)