Bio-Rad GenePulser X-Cell System

Bio-Rad has always been at the forefront of electroporation technology.  The GenePulser X-Cell is their most advanced system yet with preset protocols, PulseTrac ‘arc’-protection circuitry, optimization aids etc.  This “Total System” is designed for the electroporation of both eukaryotic and microbial (including prokaryotic) cells, and includes the main power supply unit, the CE (Capacitance Extender Module; required for electroporation of eukaryotic cells), and the PE (Pulse Controller Module; required for the electroporation of microbial cells), the ‘ShockPod’ module that holds the sample cuvette.  The sale also includes a hard copy manual of the manual, a ‘quick guide’ card and some sealed items such as cuvettes that come with the original purchase, but were never opened.  This system had been purchased, unboxed and assembled on a bench, but was never used by the original owners.  Thus, the system is essentially ‘brand new’ and has been used only by our technicians during testing for the images included in this advertisement.

System Features:

  • Complete System for all types of cells including eukaryotic and microbial:
  • ‘Built-in’ Preset protocols and and online protocol library covers all type of cells including:
    • Eukaryotes: primary cells (including stem cells), CHO, HeLa, HEK293, COS, NIH/3T3, adipose, BHK-21, Vero etc.
    • Bacteria
    • Fungi
  • Modes: Exponential, Square Wave: 10-3,000 V
  • Capacitance and Resistance measurements for optimization
  • Reproducibility: PulseTrac circuitry ensures arc protection and reproducibility.
  • Data Management: storage and recall of 100 experiments
  • System is essentially ‘brand’ new – never used by original owner and only used once for while testing for this sale.
  • Extras: Manuals, unopened packs of cuvettes of different sizes.
  • Power requirement: 115 Vac
  • Power and communication cables included
  • 3 Month Warranty


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