90-Day Wty: Nikon Labophot BF, Phase, DF and Fluorescence Microscope System

This fully tested and warranted Nikon Labophot BF, DF, Phase, and Fluorescence microscope (all original Nikon parts) is designed for both phase contrast and fluorescence studies.  The microscope is ideal for examination of samples mounted on slides etc. (unstained and immuno- and/or histological dye-stained examinations, Fluorescent protein expression studies etc.,).

Microscope Features:

Trinocular Viewing System:

  • Adjustable Binocular with 2 x 10x CFW (23 mm) Adjustable Focus Eyepieces
  • Phototube V-T with HFX-II Camera Controller and FX-35A 35mm Analog SLR Camera
  • HFX-II Exposure Controller with Camera Trigger
  • CF PL5X (23 mm) Relay Lens.
  • V-T System allows installation of a C-mount adaptor (included, not shown) or direct installation of USB eyepiece Camera.  Alternatively, adaptors are available for  Digital SLR imaging.
  • Objectives (all eyepieces work for Fluorescence):  Plan 4x (0.13) 160/- Phase PhL; Plan 10x (0.30) 160/0.17 Phase Ph1 Plan; 20 DL 20x (0.4) 160/0-2 adjustable Phase Ph2; Fluor DL 40x (0.85) 160/0.11-0.23 adjustable Phase Ph3.
  • Built-in lamp system

Contrast Condenser and Filter System:

  • Bright Field
  • Dark Field
  • Phase Discs Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, Ph4

Fluorescence System:

  • 100W Mercury Hg Lamp Housing and Bulb
  • 100W HBO Power Supply

Fluorescence Filter Cubes:

  • B2 – (Ex 460-485nm/DM 510 nm/Ex 520 LP) – FITC, GFP, etc.
  • G-2A: (Ex 535 CWL 510-560nm/DM 565nm/Em 590 LP) – Acridine Red, Alexa 532,546,555,568,594), Propidium Iodide, Rhodamine etc.

Platform and Stage:

  • Adjustable X-Y Axis Stage with graduations
  • Microscope slide holder


  • 115V AC power

Introductory Sale Price: $4,200.00  (Limited Time Only)

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