90-Day Wty: Sorvall RT6000B Bench Top Low-Temperature Centrifuge

This Sorvall RT6000B Bench Top Low-Temperature Centrifuge has been refurbished, is in working condition and comes with a 90 day warranty.  The centrifuge has a see-through top chamber door and has a slow-start feature.  Unit includes a H1000B Swinging bucket rotor with 4 swinging buckets and 2 x 15 and 2 x 50mL tube holders.

Electrical: 120 VAC (1,000 WATTS)
Max rpm: 6,000 rpm
Weight: 175 lbs.
Capacity: Maximum 4 x 250 ml (with 250 ml tube holders)
Timed runs: 0 to 30 minutes
Temp. set range: -20 to 40 c

The unit is fully tested by our Technical Staff and comes with a 90-DAY WARRANTY.

We will be happy to provide you a quote, which will include shipping and handling. Code 13275.

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