BridgePath Scientific Receives NIH BPA

BridgePath Scientific (BPS) is proud to announce that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to BPS.    BPS has initially listed over 80 items on the BPA.

“We are truly pleased to make purchasing from authorized NIH procurement members easier,” said Patrick Haley, BPS’s CEO.  “I would like to thank everyone at BridgePath for working hard to win this agreement.”

The agreement has no annual maximum value and is not a contract for one specific procurement, but rather gives NIH a faster and more accessible way to purchase BPS’s products.

NIH awards blanket purchase agreements annually, and BPS was awarded agreements for 2010-2011, according to the company.

Executives at Frederick-based BPS say the new award could mean multiple projects for the next year.

BPS has identified a number of opportunities it can turn around quickly, representing “very significant growth” in the short term, said Haley.

“The NIH BPA [blanket purchase agreement] will be an important contractual vehicle for expanding our presence in this market segment,” continued Haley.

The BPA can be used by any of the institutes within the NIH, as well as organizations that have won grants from the NIH.

As more money continues to be spent on health care and life sciences, the government’s health agencies are faced with a growing need to quickly procure the right items at the right price.

The company’s available products include protein stains, western blotting kits, transfection reagents, chemiluminescent detection reagent kits, protein expression media, protein folding kits, cell culture products, and small benchtop laboratory equipment.