BridgePath Scientific Expands

New ABS Headquarters

Frederick, MD – BridgePath Scientific has expanded into a new 10,000 square foot facility on International Blvd.  The new facility will accommodate the offices, laboratories, and the equipment division.

BridgePath Scientific recently graduated from the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) at the Monocacy facility.

“The entire team is extremely excited to be in the new facility.  This has been a major goal and we are truly pleased to have met it,” says Patrick Haley, CEO of BridgePath Scientific.

The new facility located on International Blvd. was built to BridgePath’s specifications with rapid customer response in mind.  “Everything was planned out from the beginning.  We toured a number of facilities and had multiple internal meets to determine the best way to construct the facility and service our clients,” says Dr. Bhavesh Joshi, Ph.D., CSO of BridgePath.

BridgePath now has the facilities to accommodate larger projects and have everyone under one roof.  “We grew so rapidly that we needed to operate the Equipment Division in another facility for several months.  It is really good that everyone is operating under one roof,” says Haley.

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