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SpectraQuant™ – PS Twilight

Want to know that you loaded equal amounts? SpectraQuant™ -PS Twilight is the first protein stain with DualTone™ Technology (patent pending): protein bands stain different colors (from red to blue) depending on amount! With a sensitivity similar to that of SpectraQuant™ -PS Sky, this stain is ideal for assessing transfer efficiencies and visualizing transfer artifacts […]

SpectraQuant™ PS Clear Kit

Can’t see your proteins? Unlike Silver stains that require toxic components and long protocols, SpectraQuant-PS Clear achieves ‘super’ sensitivity (~0.1-0.25 ng) with safe reagents in just minutes! Need to see your proteins before you transfer? Total reversibility makes this stain compatible with all downstream protocols. Ultrasensitive! (<0.25 ng) Rapid detection (complete in 15 minutes) Reversible […]