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Protein Stains

Until recently, stains for SDS-PAGE gels and western blots were hard to make and were cumbersome and time consuming to use. Also, once gels or blots were stained, they usually could not be used any further. To address these issues BridgePath Scientific has developed the PS Protein Stain line of products, which overcomes the disadvantages of previously used homemade or commercially available stains. To determine which stain is appropriate for your use, click on the chart.

Stains for SDS, IEF, and 2D PAGE

SpectraQuant™PS Blue

SpectraQuant™– PS Clear

Fast and Sensitive Capture the perfect image! Super Sensitive, Rapid, and Reversible. Have your cake and eat it too!

Stains for Nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes

SpectraQuant™ – PS Sky

SpectraQuant™ – PS Twilight

Check for transfer artifacts. See your proteins before you probe!

DualTone™ Technology. See the difference!

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SpectraQuant™ – PS Twilight

Want to know that you loaded equal amounts? SpectraQuant™ -PS Twilight is the first protein stain with DualTone™ Technology (patent pending): protein bands stain different colors (from red to blue) depending on amount! With a sensitivity similar to that of SpectraQuant™ -PS Sky, this stain is ideal for assessing transfer efficiencies and visualizing transfer artifacts […]

SpectraQuant™ – PS Sky Kits

Check for transfer artifacts. See your proteins before you probe!
SpectraQuant™-PS Sky is specifically designed for high sensitivity visualization (~15-30 ng) of proteins bound to nitrocellulose or PVDF. Proteins can be rapidly stained (5-10 min), documented, and destained prior to western blotting or other applications.

SpectraQuant™ PS Clear Kit

Can’t see your proteins? Unlike Silver stains that require toxic components and long protocols, SpectraQuant-PS Clear achieves ‘super’ sensitivity (~0.1-0.25 ng) with safe reagents in just minutes! Need to see your proteins before you transfer? Total reversibility makes this stain compatible with all downstream protocols. Ultrasensitive! (<0.25 ng) Rapid detection (complete in 15 minutes) Reversible […]

SpectraQuant™ PS-Blue

High Sensitivity (~4-8 ng)
Rapid detection (complete is 30-60 minutes)
Simple ‘alcohol-free’ procedure
No destaining required
Compatible with sequencing, MALDI-TOF, LC, and MS
Compatible with PVDF
Sold in 1 L container