SpectraQuant™ – PS Twilight

Want to know that you loaded equal amounts? SpectraQuant™ -PS Twilight is the first protein stain with DualTone™ Technology (patent pending): protein bands stain different colors (from red to blue) depending on amount! With a sensitivity similar to that of SpectraQuant™ -PS Sky, this stain is ideal for assessing transfer efficiencies and visualizing transfer artifacts prior to probing.

  • Sensitive (15-30 ng)
  • Rapid (5-10 min)
  • Totally Reversible
  • Immuno-compatible
  • New DualTone™ Technology!


Description Amount Price Cat# Order
PS Twilight Kit – For Nitrocellulose 1 kit $125.00 PS004N

PS Twilight Kit – For PVDF 1 kit $134.00 PS004P

Additional information:
Two-fold Serial dilutions of ProSieve (R) protein markers (Lonza Group Ltd. Switzerland) were separated by SDS-PAGE (10%). Following electrophoresis, the gel was stained with SpectraQuant™ PS-Sky.

Technical Literature
PS-Twilight Application Manual (pdf)