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Cell Culture Products

BridgePath Scientific (BPS) distributes Athena’s proprietary serum-free medium (SFM). These products have simplified and defined compositions that can be used for a wide range of research purposes including drug discovery, physiological, and gene expression studies. Serum-free medium reduces the possibility of contamination and eliminates potential sources of infectious agents without sacrificing productivity. They can be used to propagate a wide variety of mammalian cell lines. ABS also offers custom serum-free medium manufacturing.

Determine the best SFM formulation for your cell type SFM Medium ideal for growing human breast cells SFM Medium optimized for human esophageal epithelial cells and cancer cell lines Excellent SFM Medium for establishing new cell lines from human prostate tissue

SFM Medium designed to grow immortalized normal prostatic cell line 267-B1. SFM Medium for general use, effective in culturing a wide range of cell types Industry standard Serum-Free Medium Cell dissociation reagent for use with “Cold Trypsin” method

Freezing Media Pair Bovine Pituitary Extract FNC Coating Mix® Hepes Buffered Saline
Dual-cryopreservation system used to safely store viable cells grown in Serum-Free Media. Prepared from BSE-free animals that received rigorous inspections Dramatically increases attachment of cells for mammalian cell line cultures Saline rinse for washing harvested cells