SOLD: Leica DMIL Stereo, Inverted, BF and Phase Contrast, Tissue Culture Microscope

IMG_20180222_143548The Leica DMIL stereo, inverted, bright-field and phase contrast microscope is ideal for cell culture applications. With a large stage and variable height, it can accommodate large flasks. The unit has been fully tested, refurbished and comes with a warranty.


  • Inverted microscope with adjustable condenser height allowing examination of large samples etc.
  • Bright-Field, Phase Contrast, Integrated Modulation Optics ability (requires slide)
  • Objectives:
    • 4x: Bright Field: HI PLAN 4x/0.10
    • 10x: Phase Contrast: HI PLAN I Ph1 10x/0.22
    • 20x: Phase Contrast: HI PLAN I Ph1 20x/0.30
  • Stereo Binocular: adjustable pupillary distance, diopter control (left eye)
  • Eyepieces: 10x/20
  • Camera mount – Side-arm (Camera and c_mount adapter not included)
  • Lamp: Halogen 6 V, 35 W
  • Power: 115 Vac

Note: DFC290 Camera system is not included with this sale.

Price: $1,875 + S&H
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