SOLD: Olympus PROVIS AX70 Motorized BF, Phase, Fluorescence, Polar and Nomarksi/DIC Microscope

IMG_20150417_163311The Olympus AX70 Provis is a “state of the art” research and medical stereo-microscope built with flexibility, completeness in mind.  Built with Olympus’ Super-wide observation tubes, and UIS infinity optical system the system gives the highest quality images.

Microscope Features:

  • Olympus AX70 base: proprietary UIS optical system
  • Super Wide Bionocular Stereo Viewing System with WH10X/22 Wide Field Eyepieces with Diopter Control adjustible inter-pupillary distance
  • Motorized AX-UCDM Universal Condenser with 6-filter options:
    • Phase Contrast System with U-PH1 U-PH2 and U-PH3 Filters
    • Nomarski DIC optics System with U-DP40 and U-DP100 Prisms
    • Optical Polarization System
  • Adjustable X/Y Rotating Stage:
    • 6″ Extra Wide for large samples
    • Slide Holder
    • Removal Stage Plate Disc for viewing in Petri-dishes
  • Motorized nose-piece: 6-positions
  • Olympus Objectives for Bright Field, Phase contrast, and Fluorescence (all objectives function with fluorescence)
    • Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1, infinity/-
    • Plan 20x/0.40 Ph1 infintiy/0.17
    • Plan 40x/0.65 infinity /0.17
    • Plan 50x/0.9 Oil Iris (0.9-0.5)  infinity/-
    • Achromatic ACH 100x/1.25 Oil Iris (0.55-1.25) infinity/-
    • Universal UPlanFL 100x/1.30 Oil infinity/-  (especially designed for ultra-high magnification fluorescence studies)
  • Epi-Fluorescence Optical System:
    • Epi-Fluorescence AX Reflected Light Module
    • U-ULH – Lamp Housing with Mercury Lamp (Excitation Source)
    • BH2-RFL-T3 Mercury Lamp Power Supply
    • AX-DICR Universal Filter Cube Housing
    • Included Filter Cube:
      • FITC/EGFP/Bodipy FL/Fluo3/DiO: U-M41001 HQ F High Quality Cube – EX: 480 nm +/- 40; DM 505 Long Pass; EX: 535 nm +50
  • Magnification Changer U-CA: allows additional magnification powers from 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.6x, and 2.0x
  • Magnification Power Range from 100x – 2,000x (Eyepiece x Objective x UCA):
    • 10x Objective: 100x, 125x, 160x, 200x
    • 20x Objective: 200x, 250x, 320x, 400x
    • 40x Objective: 400x, 500x, 640x, 800x
    • 50x Objective: 500x, 625x, 800x, 1,000x
    • 100x Objectives: 1,000x, 1,250x, 1,600x, 2,000x
  • Microscope Controller for Motorized Control and Photomicrography
  • C-Mount Adaptor installed allowing the addition of USB C-Mount Cameras
  • Microscope System Power Supply
  • Olympus AX dust cover
  • AX70 manual (PDF Format)

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