BridgePath Scientific (BPS) distributes Athena’s proprietary Expression Products. These products are world renowned for their reliability and superior performance in the production of recombinant proteins and help in solving protein expression problems. The newest additions are the ACES™ (AthenaES Complete Expression System) Kits, a revolutionary series of kits that introduce new expression technologies to fully encompass the entire expression process from building the plasmid vector to recovery of purified product which is deemed as a complete solution. ABS also offers the Prime Broths, unique Animal-Product-Free media.

Titter Promoter Activity to Fine-Tune Expression Levels
Export Proteins Using SEC, SRP or TAT pathways
Determine the best medium for expression of recombinant proteins
YebF Protein Chaperones Target Protein Through
E.coli Membranes
Maximize soluble protein during expression