Thermo Scientific Xenon Multishot Electroporation Cartridge, 5-25 ml

This Xenon Multishot Electroporation Cartridge is in new condition and has been fully tested by our technical staff.

This is a one attachment use for the CTS Xenon Electroporation System.

The single-use MultiShot flow-through cartridge can transfect 0.1–2.5 x 10⁹ cells in a continuous process, 1 mL at a time. Its cartridge format with pre-routed tubing enables efficient and worry-free loading




Material Tritan MX711 Copolyester
Sterile welding tubing material and dimensions
(system supports both material types)
DEHP-free PVC, 2.4 mm IP, 4 mm OD;

C-flex™, 3.2 mm ID, 6.4 mm OD

Electroporation volume per single fill of electroporation chamber 1 mL
Electroporation process volume per electroporation cartridge 5-25 mL
Sterilization Method Gamma Irradiation
For Use With (Equipment) Gibco CTS Xenon Electroporation System
For Use With (Application) Cell and Gene Therapy Research, Development, and Manufacturing

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