ABI 7900 HT Fast Real-Time 384-Well PCR

DSC_0882The Applied Biosystems 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR instrument sets the standard for quantitative PCR.  Designed for high-throughput, speed without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.  The system can use 96- and 384-well plates (depending on adapter) compatibility.


  • Fast PCR option reduces run time to about 35 minutes in a standard 96-well format, or about 55 minutes in a 384-well plate
  • Continuous wavelength detection from 500-660 nm allows the use of multiple fluorophores in a single reaction
  • Measure gene expression levels, detect and quantitate pathogens, perform allelic discrimination (SNP genotyping) assays as well as score the presence of gene sequences
  • Proven assay development guidelines save time and money

Sale Includes:

  • ABI 7900 HT Fast qPCR Unit with 384-well configuration
  • I/O Cables
  • Power Cable
  • Computer with SDS software installed (monitor not included).


Regular Price: $8,995 + S&H

Introductory Sale Price: $7,995 + S&H (For a Limited time!)

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