SOLD: Olympus CK40 Inverted, BF and Phase Contrast, Tissue Culture Microscope

The Olympus CK40 stereo, inverted, bright-field and phase contrast microscope is designed for cell culture applications. This unit comes with extensions to provide a large stage and for wider applications including large culture flasks and plates etc. The unit has also been upgraded with LED lighting for brighter images and longer lifespan.  The unit has been fully tested, refurbished and comes with a warranty.

(Note: images of cells taken through eyepiece using a cellphone and do not do justice to the clarity of the visual image).


  • Inverted microscope extended stage for examination of large samples etc.
  • Bright-Field, Phase Contrast, Integrated Modulation Optics ability (requires slide)
  • Phase Contrast Objectives:
    • 4x/0.10, 160/-
    • 10x: A10 PL 10x/0.25, 160/0.17
    • 20x: CA20PL 20x/0.40, 160/1.2 (Long Working Distance)
    • 40x: CDPlan40FPL 40x/0.55, 160/1 (long working Distance)
  • Stereo Binocular: adjustable pupillary distance, diopter control (left eye)
  • Eyepieces: 10x /18L
  • Condensor: NA 0.30
  • Lamp (upgraded): Nanodyne 2TPI LED (for longer Life and brighter images)
  • Power: 115 Vac

Price: $2,875 + S&H
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