Bio-rad SmartSpec Plus UV/Vis Scanning Photodiode Array Spectrophotometer

IMG_20180223_143501The Bio-Rad SamertSpec Plus Spectrophotometer was designed as a small footprint and extremely versatile, ‘simple to use,’ spectrophotometer.  The spectrophotometer uses Xenon-lamp and photodiode array detection technology On-board software guides you through each step of your assay including setting-up standard curve calculations and measurements of scans etc.  Apart from the expected Absorbance, transmittance, and scanning functions of a normal spectrophotometer, the intelligent software includes protocols to program for assessing concentrations of nucleic acids, proteins, cells (OD600), as well as kinetic and multi-wavelength assays.  The system also comes with cuvettes and a quick guide.  The unit has been fully tested, refurbished and comes with a warranty.


  • Wavelength Range: 200 – 800 nm
  • Lamp: Xenon
  • Beam height: 8.5 mm
  • Detection: photodiode array
  • Modes: Absorbance/Transmission, Scanning, multiple wavelength
  • Options: Abs., Conc., A260/A280, Dilution Factor, DNA/RNA quantification, Protein quantification, Cell count (OD600)
  • Extras: Built-in printer, Cuvettes, quick guide, Manual (in pdf format)
  • Power: 115 Vac


Price: $2000
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