Molecular Devices VERSAmax Tunable Microplate Reader (2008 ROM)

The VersaMax Tunable Microplate Reader is designed for both End-point and Kinetic assays within the range of 340 – 850 nm.  The system uses a monochromator which, unlike the use of filters, allow for selection of any wavelength in the range.  The system allows for two wavelengths to be assessed at once.  The system comes with temperature control and plate mixing capabilities.  This system has been fully tested by our staff using universal absorbance test plates and is fully functional.


  • Wavelength range: 340 nm – 850 nm
  • Wavelength selection: Monochromator tunable in 1-nm increments
  • End Point and Kinetic Readings
  • Dual wavelength capability
  • Automatic plate mixing
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Temperature Regulation (4C above ambient to 45C; acc. +/- 1C, res. +/- 0.1C)
  • Light source: Xenon flash lamp (5 watts)
  • ROM: VersaMax Plus Version 1.23 (2008):


  • VERSAmax manuals
  • SoftMax PRO Version 5.4 (Compatible with Windows 10)
  • Software User Guide
  • Plate reader to PC RS-232 Cable (RS232 to USB required)

This unit has been tested by our scientific staff and is fully functional. Comes with a 90 day warranty.

Laptop/Computer and Monitor NOT included.

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