BridgePath Scientific Hold Annual College and University Donation Day

20150819_123558BridgePath Scientific held an annual College and University Donation Day on August 12th at their Frederick, Maryland headquarters building.

BridgePath was host to many local institutions of higher education, several traveling from Baltimore.  BridgePath donated more than 5100 items to the visiting groups.

“This is one of our favorite events,” says Patrick Haley, President and CEO of BridgePath Scientific.   “We acquire equipment from various sources nationwide.  Many times we purchase pallets of equipment and those pallets have consumables such as glassware, plastics, and gloves that we simply do not sell as a normal course of business.  By holding a donation event, we accomplish two of our corporate goals: providing materials to higher education and keeping items out of the landfill.”

Many companies simply through these items away.  BridgePath Scientific takes these items, stores them, and when there is a reasonable supply, they donate them to education institutions.  These include K-12 schools, community colleges, and university systems.

Visiting faculty and staff we able to spend as much time as they needed to look through the various pallets.  They were accompanied by a BridgePath Scientific team member to help them pick and pull the items they wanted to take back to their various institutions.

Additionally, BridgePath offered tours of their facility and explained their various lines of business.  Many clients only think of BridgePath for their laboratory equipment needs.  “We have built a business designed to help our client’s setup and operate their laboratories for less money.  This includes building-out their facilities, relocating their laboratories, performing preventative maintenance on their equipment, and repairing their inoperative equipment,” said Haley.

BridgePath Scientific will hold another event in the fall, according to their team.

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