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GET-IT-IN Transfection Reagent

GET-IT-IN is a highly efficient transfection reagent that is easy to use. Benefits include:

  • Low toxicity
  • Highly efficient (30-100%)
  • Simple Protocol
  • Reliable
  • DNA, RNA, siRNA, oligos, etc.

Works with many cell lines including:

  • Cos-1
  • HEK 293
  • CHO-K1
  • CHO-S
  • HeLa S3
  • NIH 3T3
  • Drosophila S2
  • Many more!!!

Delivered in 1 mL quantities.

One mL of reagent is sufficient for 300 to 600 transfections in 24 well plates or 50 to 100 transfections in 6 well plates.



Description Amount Price Cat# Order
GET-IT-IN 1 ml $120.00 TR001

Technical Literature
GET-IT-IN Application Manual (pdf)


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