SpectraQuant™-HRP CL Spray

BridgePath’s SpectraQuant™-HRP CL Spray chemiluminescent detection reagent serves as a highly sensitive substrate for detection of HRP enzyme conjugates in western blots. The chemiluminescent reaction can be detected via standard autoradiography film or CCD camera. Designed for use with standard nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. SpectraQuant™-CL HRP Spray is supplied as two separate reagents in 250 ml bottles and a spray head. Reagents ‘A’ and ‘B’ each have a shelf life in excess of one year at 4 degrees C. The two reagents mix while being sprayed and are instantly active and ready to use.

If you already have the sprayer head and just need more reagent, order WB004-500.  This kits comes with both Reagents ‘A’ and ‘B’ in bottles that will attach directly to your existing sprayer head.

Description Amount Price Cat# Order
SpectraQuant Spray 1 kit $180.00 WB003-500

SpectraQuant Spray Refill 1 kit $164.00 WB004-500

Technical Literature
SpectraQuant™-HRP CL Application Manual (pdf)