Sold-Park Bioservices Mini-Q Glovebox Isolator

IMG_20191002_124626The Park Bioservices Mini-GF Glovebox Isolator is designed to provide a germ-free, HEPA-filtered, environment for strict quarantine.  Ideal for mouse studies, the unit can house mouse 4-6 cages.  Units are made of high-impact polymers, welded to provide airtight seals.  Efficiency of filtration can be monitored via built-in magnehelic gauge.  Units can be stacked, and organized on a bench-top or on a cart (as shown).

  • Germ-Free HEPA-filtered Environment
  • Capacity: 4-6 Mouse Cages
  • Comes with Cart for portability (as shown in images)
  • Units are Stackable
  • Power requirements: 115 Vac
  • Dimensions:
    • Without Cart: 42″L x 24″ D x 24″ H
    • With Cart (as pictured): 42″ L x 24″ D x 56″ H

Price: $2,195 + S&H

This unit includes a 90 day warranty. Code 13267

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